Momma, I wanna put my toes in da grass….

I decided to write this blog because a fellow mother whose children go to Mother’s Day Out with my children has this wonderful blog about their growing family.  She is inspiring and I love her candidness, gentle parenting, and humor about it all.  You can tell she truly loves motherhood!  It is such a hard job but she seems to really carry it with such grace.  So here’s her blog:  Growing May Flowers.  It is such a joy to read!

Anyway, she made me realize I really need to document the cuteness coming out of my children on a daily basis, and to be thankful for what I have including everything they give me.  Like her, I am extremely forgetful.  I am a wanna be journal-er, but I never get around to writing in a blank book 😦  However, I AM good at being on the computer.  Sold.  I hope to be a good blogger one day! 

I got the title for this blog because I remember the day we finally got to move back to Louisiana.  Dude#1 was just under a year old and we had been living in Arlington, Virginia.  That first year with Dude#1 was tough because I had post partum depression.  I didn’t like where we were living, and not only did we feel like we had no roots there; it was hard to even think about laying down roots there because everyone else was just as transient as we were and moving all the time.  It was a very unstable environment for me/us.  Back to the day we got back from Louisiana…. we were fortunate enough to live in my parents “camp” (aka lake house) just one hour north of Lafayette, Louisiana.  Its a great place, very peaceful.  Living there, in the country, with a child, was awesome.  The first day there we went outside….I realized that it had been a LONG time since I put my toes in the grass.  Sand, yes, grass, no.  I felt childlike and finally at home in my surroundings.  Dude#1 of course loved it, because our house in Virginia had NO grass and therefore no yard to play in….thanks to our landlord who just didn’t want to mow (I mean really, who doesn’t? but it sucked anyway). 

As he got older and we moved into our own home, he was talking more, etc etc.  When he turned 2 his little brother was born.  At age 3 for some reason, he wasn’t that keen on going outside.  We had a horrible drought and it was an oven the moment you stepped outside.  Unfortunately he got to likin’ being inside 😦  One day he actually wanted to go outside and I said, “Let’s go!”.  We all had no shoes on, as usual, but for some reason he threw a fit because he wanted his darn shoes on.  I couldn’t convince him otherwise to leave them off.  But then I said, “But Dude#1, don’t you want to see what its like to put your toes in the grass?”  “YES, momma! I do wanna put my toes in da grass!” 

The funny thing is, before that, we were outside that whole year, without shoes, even in “winter” (it is Louisiana after all, flip flops in December/Januray, woohoo!).  But nevertheless, I loved every word that he said….Now he says it almost every day.  “Momma, I wanna put my toes in da grass.”  Me too, baby, me too. Oh, I am so home.

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My first post!

So excited to get started. This is a little easier to use than Blogger 🙂  I like how I can add photos easily to my header! 

I’ll start blogging more soon….  I need to get my camera fixed first 😦 


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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